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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Guitar Parts And Component

body guitarLearning the Basics of the Guitar. The first step to learning how to play the guitar is to know the instrument itself. Then, you can go on to learn how to tune it, play the chords, songs, etc. The guitar may be divided into the head, neck, and body. Each of these parts has a specific function, and may have sub-parts as well.

The Guitar Parts

The Head

At the top of the guitar is the head. The head houses the tuning keys, to which are attached the strings. These keys can be turned either left or right to tune the strings to the correct pitch.

The Neck

The next section is called the neck of the guitar. The neck is an elongated stem-like structure. Between the head and the neck is the nut. The nut is grooved. The function of each groove is to hold down the strings firmly.
wood guitar

Next, there is the fretboard or fingerboard. The fretboard is divided at regular intervals by the frets. The frets have grooves that allow the strings to remain intact as they run along to the head. The frets are numbered from 0 through 12, and also have position markers. Pressing the strings on the frets at strategic locations creates the required sounds.

The Body

If you are playing the guitar seated, you would rest the body of the guitar on your knee or upper leg. The body is hollowed out, and consists basically of the soundhole, the pickguard, the saddle, and the bridge. You strum the strings in the region of the soundholeon the body. The saddle, with the bridge under it, forms the other extremity of the guitar where the strings are tied.

The Strings

The strings are the most important component of the guitar. A guitar usually has six strings which are numbered from 1 to 6, from the thinnest string to the thickest. The first string is, therefore, the thinnest string, while the sixth string is the thickest. The strings are also called E, A, D, G, B, and e. Now that you know about the different parts of the guitar, we will discuss how to tune a guitar.

Tuning a Guitar

The basic process of tuning is to tune the keys such that the sound produced by the strings matches the sound produced by the tuning instrument. Generally, a guitar is tuned to E, A, D, G, B, and e. There are different ways of tuning a guitar – you could use a pitchpipe, an electronic tuner, or an electronic keyboard/tuned piano. A pitchpipe is cheap and small, but may not give you precise and clear sound quality. An electronic tuner or an electronic keyboard/tuned piano, on the other hand, may be much more expensive, but would give you sharp and precise sound quality, which would help ensure your guitar is tuned precisely.

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