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Friday, 5 December 2008

Land Rover Mobile Phones

Land Rover Mobile PhonesFollowing on from the news that the Sonim XP3 is all set to pick up where the JCB Tough Phone left off, another announcement’s popped up today, stating that Sonim are going to pair up with something else that’s got four wheels and a massive engine. According to Engadget Mobile, next year we’re going to see mobile phones from the motoring marque associated with mud, off-roading, and driving up inaccessible mountains.

Yep, 2009 will see the first ever Land Rover-branded, Sonim-made mobile phones. Has there ever been a more perfect match-up than that..?

Three models are due to be released in 2009, the Land Rover S1 and the S2 G4, followed at some point later in the year by a third, as-yet-unnamed mobile phone. There aren’t any piccies yet, but we can take some not entirely stupid guesses as to what they’ll be like.

Probably Green.
That is all.

However, since Land Rover’s are also a bit high-tech in places, could this be where we finally see a Sonim mobile phone with a camera on? It’d be interesting, especially if it’s a camera that’ll work underwater. Whole niche market there, boys, get it made! However, we can pretty much forget the phone having a winch on the front, no matter how much I want one. Oh, and be warned, if you have a Land Rover mobile phone, it’s reasonably possible some deranged ecomentalist won’t be able to tell the difference between it and a 4by4, and call you a planet killer, despite the fact that when you factor in environmental impact of production, the Land Rover’s probably a greener car than the Toyota Prius, and unlike that godawful G-Wiz thing which is made of bacofoil, it won’t throw battery acid all over your face, and the road, and every innocent bystander round the car, if and when you crash it…

But anyway, I digress… so, while Porsche are still hooked up with Sagem for their mobile phones, the cars known for being able to nut their way through Burma are joining up with the mobile phones known for being able to, yes, nut their way through Burma…

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