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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Nokia mobile phones Games and Movies

Future phoneNokia mobile phones Games and Movies, Well, Nokia’s Comes With Music service is out there in the wild, and although it’s not been available long, Nokia are already on the hunt for their next all-you-can-eat content buffet type thing to stick in their mobile phones, using the same ‘Comes With’ model, according to Engadget Mobile. Nothing’s been decided (or even properly researched and worked out, it sounds like) yet, but it seems likely that if Nokia want more downloadable stuff for their mobile phones, they’ll turn to the separate worlds of movies and games.

In the future, we could well see Nokia Comes With Movies mobile phones, as well as Comes With Games handsets.

Nokia are being understandably reticent to give away any details (in case somebody nicks their idea first), but given that worldwide games giant Electronic Arts have said they’d actively support any new innovation that mobile phone manufacturers come up with to get their games out to punters. Although, knowing EA, it’ll be packed to the gills with more DRM than any software ever seen, in history (Spore, anyone?)…

However, having said that, the idea of a mobile phone, something like a Nokia N96, that you can download loads of games and movies for nothing should be rather appealing, if you’re into that kind of thing. And if you’re wondering why I picked the Nokia N96, remember that it’s got a TV-Out connector, so you can plug it into a telly, and basically have a portable cinema and games console.

The fact it’s got 16Gb memory doesn’t hurt either, and let’s be honest, what with it having BBC iPlayer already, and WiFi, it’s a natural fit…

So, are we going to see Nokia ‘Comes With Other Stuff Besides Music’ mobile phones soon? Well, since it took them nearly a year to sort out the licensing for Comes With Music, I can’t see it happening for maaaaaany months. If and when it does, though, it’s got the potential to be a right cracker!


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