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Friday, 5 December 2008

The Blackberry Storm Screen

Blackberry StormOfficial - the Blackberry Storm screen is pretty much scratch-proof!
In the bad old days, before the touchscreen mobile phone really came into its own, everyone who used one was really rather protective over its screen. Well, you would be, since you do everything using the screen. Scratching… breaking… touchscreen users used to worry about the screen on their mobile phone getting damaged.

Users of the Blackberry Storm, however, don’t need to worry about that, since a new scratch test video proves the screen’s is virtually unscratchable!

In the video, he goes at it with a set of keys (which you probably will carry in your pocket), a flick knife and a huge spike they put receipts on in restaurants (which begs the question of what he carries in his pockets). And of all those things, not one could put a scratch on the screen of the Blackberry Storm! You may be wondering how it can possibly withstand being set upon with a flick knife, but the answer’s actually very simple.

More and more mobile phones are coming out that have a glass screen, instead of the traditional plastic affair… and the Blackberry Storm’s one of ‘em. That’s how the Blackberry Storm being seriously key-ed: the screen is made of super-tough glass. And it genuinely is impressive, seeing it shrugging all that punishment off. Here, see for yourself, courtesy of Youtube.

See from Youtube : The Blackberry Storm Screen


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