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Friday, 21 November 2008

The Most Free Software In The Offce

The best free software often use in the office that i have ever use
Free software in no money to be pay out.
Free software has some meaning , free for personal use or free for public use or for non profit or profit company - all of this software can run under windows :
Software gratis terbaik - powerfull free software is here.

It is like Internet Explorer, and have a good protection in virus attach.
License: Freeware

VNC - server - remote access
This software is very use full for administrator because it can remote all computer user
and it is the best software that i have ever use.
There are two software free edition and business edition
License: Freeware

OpenOffice - like Microsoft office
Very famous this is almost the same as Microsoft office, word, excel, PowerPoint, data access
All user in my office use this kind of free software. You can download it freely with no cost.
License: Freeware - other information click here about OpenOffice

Intranet chat - chat software
Is a local chat - very usefull and is the one also
we can install very easily with no difficulty
License: Freeware

Photofiltre - photo editing
This is a small software but very usefull and has a complete function
There are two software free edition and business edition
This for editing picture or creating photo with a big creativity - complete function.
Other software for photo editting : Artweaver , Gimp

7-ZIP - sevenzip - Like winzip
Free software for Zip your data or compress data.
License: Freeware

IcoFX 1.5 - Icon creator - You can create an Icon by this software very easy
IcoFX is free software for icon editor. With this tool you can create an Icon more interesting and also can make an edit to your icon.
License: Freeware

AVG - Free Anti virus best enough
There are two software free edition and business edition - this anti virus is powerful enough
for personal use is freeware

Harddisk Search & Stats - software can search text in your total hardisk
Version: 2.2
License: Freeware for personal and corporate use

Google earth - Worth 3D software by satellite
Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery and maps also terrain and 3D buildings you can put the world's geographic information at your fingertips very easily.

MY dac SQL - search engine software
famous and powerful can can be use for a big company too.

The Different between open office and Microsoft
Office 2000 and Office 2003

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