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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Futuristic Phones Cell

future gold phoneAh, we’ve been treated to a few rather neat concept mobile phones over the last few days, and it turns out that day is no exception, because according to PC Advisor, another one’s been announced. This time, however, it’s a mobile phone designed by a Taiwanese research institute, in cahoots with the design house, Pilotfish. And what’s so special about it?

As you can guess from the title, it’s a mobile phone with a bendable, foldable, full colour screen.

So, to see the ‘normal’ 3 inch screen (and since you know the size of the screen in that mode, you should be able to work out that the mobile phone itself is a smidgeon smaller than the Sony Ericsson X1), you just flip the phone open like a book on its side, setting it up in a kind of mini-laptop mode. However, when you want a bit more screen real estate, the back of the phone slides upwards, revealing the rest of the huge 5 inch screen, that up till that moment, was hidden behind the keyboard.

And the reason it can do that is because of the fact the screen bends in the middle. See that taskbar in the middle of the screen?

That’s where it bends (which means your taskbar is right in the middle of the screen, in big mode, but you can move it). So, overall, the screen is bigger than any other mobile phone on the planet, and it should rock. Of course, it’ll need a custom operating system, but with open source OS-es like Google Android (and Symbian Foundation on the way), that shouldn’t be an issue. Just pick a mobile phone OS that does what you want, and figure out how to make it show the extra screen space in big mode. Or use your own third party OS, even if that limits functionality.

Oh, and it’s a bit cumbersome. It actually looks a bit thicker than the Sony Ericsson X1, which may put people off. But if folding screen tech makes it onto other manufacturers’ mobile phones, we could be seeing the start of something special. After all, with the smartphone and netbook markets more or less converging down towards the same space in the market (and let’s be honest, you can see it happening), if smartphones can nick the netbooks’ one big advantage (screen size), they’re laughing, especially since the creators are working on both bigger versions, and touchscreen technology to go inside the bendy screens.

So, here’s to the day we get to see some future Sony Ericsson Xperia phone with a 28″ screen.

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