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Friday, 28 November 2008

Price List Of HandPhone Sony W910i

Sony Ericsson W910i

HSDPA ( 3.5 G )
Shake Control and SensMe Tm
Walkman 3.0 Player
Bluetooth stereo (A2DP)
Camera 2.0 Mega pixel
Phone Memory 35 MB

Rp. 2.850.000,- Cash
Rp. 522.595,- x 6 month
Rp. 285.095,- x 12 month

Despite the somewhat conservative styling, the W910i is very much a "next generation" music phone from Sony Ericsson. The old Disc2Phone software has been upgraded to a full set of media manager applications, including the PlayNow data and file manager, and the W910i also supports a feature called "SenseMe" that plays tracks according to your mood. No, we don't think that the W910i has a mood ring built in.. but what it does have is a some clever software to help categorise your tracks, plus a motion-sensitive "Shake" control to randomly select a song that matches your selection criteria. The W910i also supports stereo Bluetooth playback.
Network HSDPA / GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

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