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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara V-6 (2WD)

2008 Suzuki Grand VitaraA shocking value for $22k! Keyless go, sunroof, climate control, auto lights, ESP, V-6, and a 5-speed auto? Wow.

No AWD though, which is strange; I don't really see the appeal of a cute-ute without all-wheel drive. Anyway, it's a competent driver with ESP that's a little strange (sometimes intervening in a straight line when there's no chance of wheelspin, and very abrupt intervention in corners). The V-6 has some weird resonances to it, but this little SUV is fabulously well equipped, looks adorable, and drives great. The only visible cheapness is that the (otherwise very nice) steering wheel controls don't illuminate. What a pleasant surprise, and what a lovely little car!


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