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Friday, 5 December 2008

Entry level Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot

Sony Ericsson c905There’s no doubt that the Sony Ericsson c905 is sitting right at the top of their Cyber-Shot portfolio right now. It’s one of the most impressive camera phones ever made, and its popularity, looking at its recent sales figures, is indisputable. However, according to the SEMC Blog, it’s due to be joined by some little siblings early next year, for those people who want Cyber-Shot performance without going right to the very top-end of the list.

Expect to see three new Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot mobile phones early next year. First up, and the only one that has a proper name so far, is the Sony Ericsson C510,t he baby of the bunch, and one that’ll be, I reckon, quite obviously sold as an entry-level Cyber-Shot phone.

Especially since it’s, basically, the Sony Ericsson K770i, but newer. So, expect it to have a 3 megapixel camera, and be the cheap way to get yourself a Cyber-Shot mobile phone. In other words, identical to the thinking behind the K770i. And that was a cracking little phone, so I have pretty high hopes for the C510. Basically, if you want a decent camera phone on the cheap, I’m predicting this baby’ll be the phone for you.

Completing the trio of new mobile phones are two handsets (one candybar-flavoured, one slidephone-flavoured) that share a 5 megapixel camera, putting them neatly into what is surely going to become the mid-range for Cyber-Shot phones. It’s fair to say that the modern mid-range is considerably higher end than the mid-range mobile phones of yesteryear, which consisted mainly of a pixie inside the phone with a hole to look out of and a box of Crayolas…

First up is the Filippa, a 5 megapixel phone that looks as though it’s going to become next year’s Sony Ericsson C902, with 5 megapixels but with a proper Xenon flash added on.

Or, in other words, the K850i…

Finally, there’s the Frances, the slidey version with a bigger screen, which just has ‘baby C905′ written all over it. So, for anyone who thinks the Sony Ericsson C905 looks, to modify a phrase from earlier in the week, like the canine’s conkers (and many people, including me, do), but wants a bit of a cheaper alternative to that 8 megapixel monster, the Frances is the phone for you.

Meanwhile, if you do want the full 8 megapixel beans, you need to get yourself the Sony Ericsson C905 now!


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