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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Hasselblad 503CW Standard Kit 3011076

Hasselblad 503CWHasselblad 503-CW Chrome Medium Format Manual Focus SLR Camera Kit, with Waist Level Finder, A-12 Back & 80mm f/2.8 Planar T* CFE Lens

FeaturesSpecificationsThis single-lens reflex camera is one of the primary building blocks of the Hasselblad System & is a perfect choice both for hand-held photography & as a studio camera. The 503CW combines TTL flash metering, 1/500 sec flash synch, power winder/IR remote options, & compatibility to peripherals past & present. The camera is compatible with the entire range of Hasselblad leaf shutter lenses (the 80mm 2.8 standard lens is included in this Kit) & operates at lens leaf shutter speeds from 1 to 1/500 sec.

The 503CW is an ideal camera for almost all situations, wherever you may find yourself, & is easily adaptable to fit your situation or changing needs.

The 503CW can be used with any one of 14 different lenses, from 30 to 500 mm in focal length. All lenses are made by Zeiss, the world's leading optics manufacturer. Thanks to Zeiss T* anti-reflection coating & internal stray light reduction treatments, these lenses produce unbeatable image contrast & color saturation. The Hasselblad system also offers converters of the same optical quality 1.4x, 2x Converter XE & the PC-Mutar 1.4x for perspective control. Interchangeable film magazines allow for rapid reloading of film, change of film type or format. There are magazines for 120, (A-12 mag. included in this Kit) 220, & 70 mm perforated film. Film magazines can be changed whenever you choose without losing a single frame. Exposure & composition can be tested immediately with the Polaroid magazine.

In addition to the standard folding focusing hood, several types of viewfinders are available for the 503CW, offering various viewing angles. You can choose between focusing hoods, reflex, prism & meter prism viewfinders. The meter prism viewfinders PME45 & PME90 feature TTL spot metering, center-weighted TTL integral metering, & incident light metering via a dome sensor.

The built-in flash control system (TTL/OTF) turns flash photography into child's play. A sensor measures the light reflected off the film surface & automatically controls the flash precisely to provide the perfect exposure, regardless of the lens focal length or lighting conditions. The 503CW is also incredibly easy to focus. The focusing screen is large & bright - 54x54mm - & features a micro prism & split-image rangefinder. In addition an interchangeable 4.5x magnifier in the folding focusing hood facilitates precise focusing.

The film-winding crank can be replaced with the Winder CW, providing the 503CW with both automatic winding & remote control capability. The Winder CW's SAI (Self Adjusting Interface) provides automatic adjustment for each individual camera body. The winder can be controlled manually or remotely with the Electric Remote Control lead or the Hasselblad Infrared Remote Control. With the Winder CW, the camera's ergonomics are particularly suited to handheld photography. The grip also comes in handy when turning the camera 90 degrees for vertical shots with the 645 magazine or format masks.
Format 6 x 6cm format
Lens Mount Exclusive Hasselblad bayonet lens mount; Accepts CFi/CFE/CF/CB lenses - 30-500 mm
View Finder SLR type interchangeable waist level focusing screen (standard Acute-Matte "D" type 42215 Microprism/Split-Image; a total of seven focusing screens are available; One-touch folding waist level hood with built-in 4.5x magnifier. Optional diopter correction lenses. Field of view: 100 per cent of actual picture area
Weight Camera body only, 600g (1.3 lbs); with Planar 80mm f/2.8 CFE lens, and A12 film magazine, 1500g (3.3 lbs).
Camera Type Medium Format SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Camera
Power Source Fully mechanical camera; no batteries required.
Flash Synchronization "PC" socket for electronic flash connection on lens barrel. Flash synchronization possible at all shutter speeds up to 1/500th. TTL/OTF flash capability with Hasselblad D-Flash 40, Metz, Quantum Q Flash, and Sunpak systems.
Drive Modes Manual
Dimensions (WxHxD) 180 x 114 x 110mm (7.08 x 4.49 x 4.33") LWH (with 80mm f/2.8 CFE lens and A12 film magazine)
Camera Back Interchangeable type
Mirror Lock Up Yes - possible with switch below winding crank
Exposure Metering Possible with optional metered viewfinders
Depth Of Field Preview Yes - with lever on lens barrel
Film Transport Manual film winding crank located on camera body which simultaneously advances the film, resets the mirror and cocks the shutter; Automatic film advance possible with optional Winder CW (.8fps)
Tripod Mount Both 3/8" and 1/4" sockets and tripod plate for rapid mounting with the optional Hasselblad Quick Coupling Accessory (Tripod Quick-Coupling S, #45144)
Focus Type Helicoid (manual rotating mount)
Build in Flash No
PC Terminal Yes

Price: Rp 37.500.000

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