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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mobile Phone Radiation New Device

New device will save us from the horrors of mobile phone radiation.
Ah, another day, another story designed to put the kerjiggers up people who use mobile phones, only this time, it comes with an added ‘we want to sell you stuff’ message, according to Engadget Mobile. Called E-waves, it’s a system that, according to creators Omega Pharma, will “counter potentially damaging radiation from mobile phones.”

Quite how it will do that is beyond me, since it’s described a tiny chip which goes… Well, no-one’s quite sure where you put it, whether it inside the mobile phone, or glues to your mobile phone’s battery cover, or what.

I was about to say I could think of a place it could be stuck, but I thought I’d best not. And I honestly can’t think of how a small chip can offset all the radiation a mobile phone allegedly gives off.

Allegedly, the E-waves chip can offset the radiation produced by mobile phones, and protect the user from that radiation, thus saving you from getting headaches and loss of concentration that the team behind the E-waves say are major side effects of using mobile phones. Oh, and it can also reduce the heating effect (that isn’t proved and might not even exist) of electromagnetic radiation inside the human body.

I cite that old chestnut, the ‘cooking eggs with mobile phones’ story, and state, yet again, that mobile phones cannot produce the levels of heat needed to cook an egg, let alone a human. Put it this way, if and when I get my X1 Xperia, I won’t be worrying about it making my face melt off.

If you feel the need to grab yourself an E-waves chip, expect to pay in the region of about £30-50, and if you do, please, please leave a comment and let us know how it works, because I cannot fathom it.


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