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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Motorola’s masterplan for 2009

Motorolas masterplanPeople have been saying for ages and ages and ages that Motorola need to pull something rather special out of the bag if they’re to recapture the glory they once had. They need to be launching some really rather shockingly good mobile phones to stop the rot that came from their complete dependence on the RAZR.

Well, if the concept pics on the Boy Genius Report are genuine, they may very soon be about to do that!

Now, I should point out that until I see these mobile phones confirmed by Motorola themselves, I’ll be considering them rumours, but it has to be said that BGR is convinced they’re the real deal, so they’re definitely worth keeping an eye on. Let’s hope they are genuine, because frankly, they look superb! More to the point, they don’t look like Motorolas.

So, what can we expect from Motorola in 2009? Well, first out the gate, according to the rumours, will be the Motorola Rush 2, a funkily-coloured, side-sliding, QWERTY keyboard job, that really comes across like a teeny-bopper-type messaging mobile phone, not unlike the Sidekick, but with a bright red keyboard. Next, there’s the Inferno, which possibly has the best codename ever seen on any mobile phones, ever. As for what it looks like, expect it to be similar to the Krave ZN4, a mobile phone that, erm, never appeared in the UK.

Next on the roster is that mobile phone up there in the pic at the top of this post, the Calgary, another side-sliding QWERTY mobile phone that also appears to have a huge touchscreen. Finally, there’s the Flash, which has to be a touchscreen mobile phone since it doesn’t have a keypad on it, anywhere. In fact, squint a bit and you’ve got a mobile phone that’s the spitting image of the HTC Touch HD, which can only be a good thing, as the HTC Touch HD rocks most assuredly (Trust me on that, my colleague Matthew’s just got one, and dear god is it nice)!

Don’t take my word for it, though, see for yourselves:

Nae bad looking at all, are they! Mind you, considering Motorola have been relying on the RAZR for about 1,400 years (a rough estimate of how long it feels), it’s about time we saw something new come along! And let’s not forget that Motorola have said their top-end mobile phones in the coming months and years will be powered either by Windows Mobile or Google Android, so it’s entirely possible that what we’re seeing, in amongst those four concept, is the next Android phone.


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