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Friday, 5 December 2008

The New BMW Z4

If BMW managed to keep some mistery around its latest car, the new BMW Z4, all that is gone now, because the first photo of the car without any camo broke loose on the web. The car was photographed in a showroom (no idea where) before its official unveiling, on December 15th. We’re going to wait for the official photos and info about the car, but we don’t really like it. We had the chance to test drive the current generation, we really loved it, but this one, though the photo’s quality is not that great, doesn’t look that good. But let’s wait for more stuff on the car.

The New BMW Z4

Our spies have lifted the lid on the next-generation BMW Z4 – and the big news is that it’s getting a folding metal roof for the first time!

Look closely at these prototypes, and you’ll see that instead of a fabric affair, the new Z4 is following in the footsteps of its 3-Series Convertible big brother, plus its Mercedes SLK rival, with a retractable steel top.

As our artist’s impression shows, the car will also get a more muscular look. And the convertible has another trick up its sleeve. BMW isn’t content with raining on the SLK’s parade, as it will seek to outgun the Porsche Boxster with a new range of powerful engines for the car. These are likely to include the twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre straight six-cylinder unit.

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