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Monday, 1 December 2008

New Honda Hybrid

New Honda HybridNew Honda Hybrid Arrives in April 2009, Honda's development of an all-new hybrid hatchback has been a poorly kept secret - so much so that the automaker revealed that the car, which targets the successful Toyota Prius, will launch in April 2009.

Richard Colliver, executive vice president of Honda's U.S. operations, let the facts loose during a speech at the Management Briefing Seminars event in Traverse City, Michigan.

As we've seen from numerous spy photos, the car will be a five-door hatchback - much like the Prius itself, but also akin to Honda's hydrogen fuel cell-powered FCX Clarity (pictured). Although technical details were skipped, Colliver mentioned the car would be lighter than the existing Civic Hybrid sedan.

Colliver expects the car to be less expensive than the Prius, which helps justify Honda's sales predictions. The automaker is looking to sell 200,000 units worldwide on an annual basis, with half that figure stemming from North America alone.

Source: Automotive News


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