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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Next gen Mobile Phone Gaming

 Mobile Phone GamingNext-gen mobile phone gaming - Metal Gear Solid coming to iPhone
What we are witnessing here, folks, is the first ever instance of me being jealous of Dan and his iPhone. The Register are reporting that video game giants Konami are going to be porting one of their biggest and most popular franchises over to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Metal Gear Solid.
My favourite ever game series (after Destroy All Humans, that is).
On the iPhone.

New Mobile Phone GamingAnd yes, it has been confirmed by Konami themselves that Metal Gear Solid Touch is on its way, and will be a completely original game set within the MGS4 era (so, Old Snake, then). Control-wise, it’s apparently controlled through the touchscreen itself, rather than using the accelerometer, and the sniper view, shown in the pic to the right, looks mint. The question is, though, whether the iPhone can do graphics that well, and whether those screenshots are genuine shots of the game running, or a mock-up made by Konami.

The thing is, I’ve seen that the iPhone can run 3D graphics rather well, so it’s undoubtedly going to be in 3D, and as for textures etc, well, they’re going to be lower resolution and not as gloriously awesome as the PS3 version, but the iPhone can handle some quite high levels of detail, so you never know, it could well rock.

Time will tell, but if it turns out as well as predicted, this could very well be the first thing ever to make me jealous of Dan and his iPhone.


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