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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Nokia N97 the next mindblowing evolution

nokia n97Nokia N97 - the next mindblowing evolution of Nseries mobile phones, Well, it turns out the people who were secretly wishing for a new phone from this morning’s announcement were right after all. Headlining the Nokia World conference is a brand new mobile phone from the Finnish manufacturer. And anyone who guessed ‘touchscreen Nseries’ was right…

It’s the next evolution of Nseries mobile phones: the frankly mind-blowing Nokia N97. And it’s just biblical in its awesomeness.

First up, we might as well talk about the touchscreen since that’s gotta be the first thing people will ask about with the Nokia N97. It’s a big’n, too, coming in at 3.5 inches. Oh, and the aspect ratio on it makes it a proper widescreen, so if you’re wanting to watch widescreen movies on your mobile phone, the Nokia N97’s the beastie to do it on!

With that touchscreen comes the latest incarnation of Symbian, the S60 Touch interface made famous by the Nokia 5800. And trust me, this is a good thing, because I’ve become a big, big fan of the S60 Touch interface. Symbian rocks, always has done, and this latest touch version is whizzy, fast, and drop dead gorgeous. Oh, and just like the Nokia 5800, the Nokia N97 has got motion sensors to auto-rotate the screen when you tip the phone on its side.

After that, though, the Nokia N97 starts to overtake its little brother, and the first noticeable difference is the slide-out, proper, full QWERTY keyboard, something I reckon is a must on any modern smartphone (simply because I hate trying to type out web addresses or anything like that on virtual keypads, or worse, a numeric keypad). Ok, it does increase the thickness of the Nokia N97, but the payoff is text being very, very easy to type.

Oh, and there’s a better camera, too, since the Nokia N97 inherits the top-end 5 megapixel camera from the more recent Nseries mobile phones. Which means stunning photos, and with things like blogging and geotagging, there’s loads you can actually do with those photos. Oh, and you get WiFi and HSDPA, along with a stonking good web browser (and Flash built in), so you do actually finally get the full internet on your mobile phone! Combine that with an unprecedented and unbelievable 32Gb of memory (plus an extra 16Gb available with memory cards!), and this is basically the multimedia phone par excellence.

That’s the objective description of the Nokia N97. Now it’s time for me to actually say what I’m thinking

It looks the furry canine animal’s intimate bits! Look, seriously, I’ve always said there are a few criteria a mobile phone has to meet before I’ll call it my perfect smartphone, those being an at-least-5-megapixel camera, super fast web access, a web browser you actually like and want to keep using, full QWERTY keyboard and massive, high colour touchscreen. The 01Phone concept I blogged about a bit back has all those features, but it’s not actually a real phone yet, so it looks like the Nokia N97 is the first mobile phone I can honestly say is my perfect smartphone.

Or, at least, it would be if it had a Sony Ericsson badge on it, what with me being a Sony junkie. I’d better hope their next smartphone, rumoured to be running the same S60 Touch interface, with an 8 megapixel camera, is up to snuff, otherwise I may have to break my habit, and buy myself a Nokia…

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