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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Sony Xperia X1

Xperia X1It can be about peace and love, and families coming together too. So, as we all head home from work, to go for the big Christmas burn (which involves eating turkey until it comes out your ears, and enough sprouts to make a Force 10 hurricane), everybody here at Mobileshop wants to wish every single one of you out there the bestest, happiest and most funnestest (I may have made that word up…) Christmas in the history of christendom.

So, eat, drink, be merry, enjoy any new mobile phones you’ve got (which I plan to do, and so will me mam and dad, since they’re both getting new’ns), and make it a Chrimbo to remember. I’ll be back after Christmas, to give you the big fat review of 2008, and I might even stretch to a review of the X1 Xperia, if I’m not too stuffed full of turkey. In the meantime, peace to all, and enjoy the big day!


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