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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Thinnest QWERTY Mobile Phone In The World

The Thinnest QWERTYNeoi 906 - the thinnest QWERTY mobile phone in the world, Ah, I love it when mobile phones pop up making really bold claims about themselves. Whether they live up to their claims or not, you’re guaranteed of either being suitably impressed, or getting a good laugh at their expense. However, according to Engadget Mobile, there’s a new phone appeared that might conceivably do both…

You see, the Neoi 906 has come straight out of the gate swinging, claiming to be the world’s slimmest mobile phone with a QWERTY keyboard. Which, believe it or not, might very well actually be true. I certainly can’t think of any QWERTY mobile phones that come in at 10mm. It really is impressively tiny, but with a brushed aluminium body, the build quality and elegance are up there with the big name mobile phones. With a metal shell and QWERTY keyboard, one could easily be led to believe this mobile phone is equivalent to a mini X1 Xperia.

The features aren’t bad, either, with a camera, music player, web browser, and a proper IM chat client, that’ll let you use MSN, Yahoo, AOL and ICQ (once you register with Neoi’s service). So, everything’s hunky-dory and it really is a mini X1 Xperia, then?

Erm, no.

Y’see, whilst it is impressively tiny, that’s not really a good thing, in this case. If you’re going to try typing on that keyboard, you’d better have tiiiiny fingers. And then, there’s the screen. The thing is, even just from that picture, you can tell it’s small. It’s not just small, though, it’s unbelievably small, coming in at (and yes, I worked this out from the official spec) 1.3 inches. That’s miniscule. I honestly don’t see how anyone can see anything on a screen that weeny.

Oh, and with a tiny battery, I honestly can’t see the battery lasting more than a couple of days. Which is a shame, really, but inevitable given the size.

And yes, I’m being sincere, it genuinely is a shame, because technical issues aside, the Neoi 906 is genuinely a brilliant-looking mobile phone!

It’s just a pity that, apart from the looks, there’s not a lot else going for it


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