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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

New Sony Ericsson phones

New Sony Ericsson phones
New Sony Ericsson phones to be unveiled at MWC ‘09
Time for a preview, now, of the most important event in the mobile world’s calendar; in February, it’s going to be time, once again, for the Mobile World Congress, the big event where loads of new mobile phones get unveiled, and that leaves me in a paralytically happy state for, usually, about three weeks. MWC is where the big names traditionally bring out the big guns, and it would appear that Sony Ericsson have a few new devices up their sleeves, as well, according to the SEMC Blog. Since last year’s MWC entailed them launching not just a new phone, but two entirely new ranges of phones (G-Series and Xperia), I reckon it’s fair to say we could be in for some good stuff, come February.

The question is, though, what can we expect?

Well, let’s start with what’s already been leaked. First up, there’s the W935, a new budget-conscious Walkman phone, that shares a design heritage with the little, cute and brilliant, Sony Ericsson F305. The big leak so far, though, has been the Sony Ericsson C903, the newly developed, Cyber-Shot-powered baby sibling of the C905. Taking a similar sliding design to its big brother, it packs in, this time, a 5 megapixel camera, along with all the Cyber-Shot goodness we’ve come to expect (Smile Shutter, Face Recognition, image stabiliser and reportedly a xenon flash). So, it’s basically a slightly more budget-conscious reimagining of their top-end C905.

The interesting news, though, is that the SEMC Blog reckons they won’t be the only mobile phones that Sony Ericsson unveil at the MWC, and I’m inclined to agree. I’ll eat my own conkers if we don’t get to see a new Xperia-branded phone, quite frankly, but the question is whether it’ll be another Windows Mobile behemoth, like the Sony Ericsson X1, the first hints of an Android-powered Xperia phone or even, feasibly, a Symbian-powered Xperia phone. Maybe it’ll be an update of the panels interface for their next Xperia phone? Or maybe it’ll be built on Windows Mobile 6.5?

Or, conceivably (and probably), it’ll make me annoyed that I got the X1 and didn’t wait for something more powerful?

No-one knows for sure, but just like last year, I’m already getting excited!

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