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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The next-generation Curve Blackberry 8900

Curve Blackberry 8900In the world of mobile email, there’s one undoubted king: Blackberry. It’s fair bet that if you mention email on mobile phones, the first reaction of people is going to be Blackberry. We’ve reached the stage where it’s nearly hardwired in, especially since they’re not just the preserve of businessy types, nowadays.

Who’d have thought, when we saw those little blue and black email boxes (which weren’t exactly what you’d call pretty, let’s be honest), back in olden times, that they’d grow up and evolve to become the svelte beauties RIM (Research In Motion) populate the Blackberry range with today!

So, with their march into the consumer world continuing (Storm, and Bold, anyone?), there’s a new version of one of their business arena stalwarts, that takes the classic Curve series, and makes it all… well… gorgeous. Taking a definite design cue from the Bold, the Blackberry 8900 has a similar sweeping QWERTY keyboard, and the same ’stretched out across the whole front’ style of the four navigation keys. But then, the general shape of it is more like a hybrid between the between the previous Curve and the Blackberry Storm.

The question, though, is that with the Bold and the Blackberry Storm on the market, both of which are arguably (well, in some people’s opinions; more on that in a sec) better looking than this version of the Curve, why would you want to get a Blackberry 8900? Well, the answer comes from the Curve heritage it’s picked up from the 8310: ease of use. Yes, the Bold and the Blackberry Storm may have marginally better looks (and even that’s debatable, depending on your taste in phones), the Blackberry 8900 is the most satisfying to use. The gaps between the keys make the keyboard FAR nicer to use than the Bold, and although the Storm’s touchscreen is innovative (what with being a moving, clicky screen), it apparently makes your thumbs hurt by being an absolute pig to press down on.

The Blackberry 8900, meanwhile, looks good, and keeps the essential ease of use that’s always been present in Blackberry’s Curve line (which, I reckon, was always far nicer than the Pearl series). Or, in other words, if you want a phone to do email on, the Blackberry 8900 is the canine’s conkers…

Do you have a Blackberry 8900? Is Technical Markus right to say it’s the best email phone ever? Or does the Bold outclass it? Leave us a comment and have your say!

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