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Friday, 6 February 2009

Unprecedented Phone Blows

Toshiba TG01Toshiba TG01 - unprecedented phone blows EVERYONE’s minds :
Long time readers of our blog will know that whenever I see a mobile phone that I really like, I tend to gawp at it a lot, and generally act like a complete fanboy for a while. I’ll warn you now, expect that to happen in this blog post, because the Toshiba TG01, as shown on Pocket Lint, is truly, utterly, staggeringly gorgeous.

Seriously. Just look at it. It’s taken me about 4 hours just to stop ogling it for long enough to actually write about it. But why is it, when you get right down to it, so special? Well, first off, take a look at the Toshiba TG01’s screen. Notice anything?

Yep. It’s huge. Actually, no, it needs a new word, to properly describe its size. It’s hyoooooooooj!

Coming in at a truly vast 4.1 inches, it neatly stuffs every other mobile phone on the market, even the HTC Touch HD (which is sure to annoy me ol’ mate Matthew, who justifiably loves his HD to bits). And that’s no mean feat considering that the screen on the HD ain’t no slouch. The Toshiba TG01, though, really is something else. Sure, the phone is physically bigger because of it, but it’s all screen, which’ll make typing on it incredibly easy, and watching movies just epic.

However, there’s something else rather exciting about the Toshiba TG01, and that comes from the other dimensions of the phone. Ok, it may be long and wide, but it’s also incredibly thin, coming in at just 9.9mm, making it officially, as far as I’m aware, the thinnest Windows Mobile phone ever made. Well, you’ll see what I mean in the pics below (also courtesy of Pocket Lint), where, when it’s viewed from the side, you can barely see it!

There’s no word yet no what the other specs will be, and Toshiba have sneakily not put the megapixel count on the camera in the promo pics, but I’d bet 3 megapixel, if I had to. Or maybe 5, at a push. As for software, it runs on Windows Mobile 6.1, with a bespoke interface, meaning it really is angling after the Touch HD’s top spot. Same resolution as the HD, too, coming in at 800×480 pixels. Which translates as: ‘you watch, some enterprising soul will port TouchFLO over to it, like they did with the Sony Ericsson X1.’

Oh and it even appears that you can change the CPU speed on it, to either pump up the power, or save it when your battery’s low. Now that is one gorgeous and clever bit of kit…


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