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Friday, 6 February 2009

Volvo pulls out of the Tokyo Motor Show

Volvo And The Tokyo Motor Show

Last week Ford, along with GM and Chrysler, announced that it would skip this year’s Tokyo Motor Show and now, Volvo management has decided to follows it’s parent company and drop out of this year’s edition of the Japanese show. The reason behind the decision was the costs cut, the Swedish carmaker having better things to do with it’s money that to have a stand in Tokyo.

Fearing a lack of participants, JAMA (Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association) even considered, last week, to cancel this year’s edition of the Tokyo Motor Show. However, the decision was that “the show must go on”, especially with the association receiving support from the Japanese companies, who announced they’ll be at the show, scheduled to take place between October 23 and November 8
Source: Automotive News Europe


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