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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Blackberry phones get their own App Store

Blackberry their own App Store
Everyone who owns an iPhone consistently makes large with the praise for the App Store, saying how they can get any software they want (and to be fair, it is pretty cool). It’s the same with the T-Mobile G1, and its Android Market. But now, they’re not the only ones in on the fun, because now, there’s an app store for all the Blackberry phones in the world, according to MocoNews.

Well, the ones with the right firmware, anyway.

But essentially, all the ingredients are there. It’s an over-the-air download service, that lets you instantly buy and install any software you like onto your favourite fruitily-named mobile phone, running the gamut from games to social networking tools, to actual, useful business tools, to an intriguing app that RIM say will “channel your inner rock god.”

No, you don’t win anything for saying a mobile version of Guitar Hero, because that’s what I’m betting on, too…

Ooh, that’d be pretty cool on the multitouch screen you get on the Blackberry Storm…

Either way, it’s yet another indicator that the days of Blackberry phones being simply business devices for people who spend entirely too much time working, are long gone.
It’s also going to be a big win for another company: PayPal. Not only is the billing system run by them, but it seems that you actually have to have a PayPal account to even use it. Still, given that even my dad has a PayPal account, I can’t see that being much of an issue.

You know the best thing, though? The name that’s been given to their online app store service is the single best bit of one-upmanship I’ve ever seen in the mobile world. Apple may have an App Store, Google may have the Android Market, but what have RIM gone and called their service?

App World.


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