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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Mobile World Congress 09

Mobile World Congress 09
Mobile World Congress 09 - HTC Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2
Well, Sony Ericsson and Samsung have had the spotlight this morning, now it’s time for HTC to get in on the act, with follow-ups to two of their recent masterpieces. Yep, it’s time for the HTC Touch Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2.

Good job the specs are a bit more inspiring than the names!

What we’re, in fact, looking at here is something closer to the HTC Touch HD. Gone is the tiny 2.8 inch screen from their predecessors, to be replaced a 3.2 inch screen, running at 800×480 pixels. Or, if you like, just over half an inch smaller than the Touch HD. As per usual for HTC’s Windows Mobile phones, these two new siblings are going to be running TouchFLO 3D, although it’s said they’ll be running a brand new version of TouchFLO, which should make them even slicker than their predecessors.

Both phones have also had their memory upped on them, topping out at 512Mb ROM and 288Mb RAM. In terms of cameras, though, there’s a bit of a difference, as the Touch Pro 2 get a 3.2MP snapper, while its more consumer oriented sibling gets a whopping 5MP with autofocus.

Of course, the other massive difference between the two is the Touch Pro 2’s full QWERTY keyboard, which this time appears to also lift up, like it did on the old TyTN II, to give a better viewing angle on the screen. You know, like the Nokia N97 does, as well.

Meanwhile, with these now being not that far off the Touch HD in terms of screen size and spec, god alone knows what the follow-up to the Touch HD will look like!


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