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Sunday, 13 December 2009

luxury phones get even more ludicrous

Ah, another day, another stupidly expensive phone with very little point to it. For every super-powered Nokia N97 that gets launched, there’s a low-powered but oh so delectable (allegedly) Vertu, and here’s another high-flyer to add to the list, this time hailing from Switzerland.

Called the Goldvish Revolution, it seems that it’s one claim to fame is the Swiss-made precision clock housed in the bottom end of the body.

Er, ok…

As for specs and features, well, I wouldn’t expect it to have a great many. The screen is tiny, and the exquisite engineering (which is a given, coming from Swiss craftsmen) just can’t hide the fact it won’t actually do an awful lot. And precisely what is the fascination with putting a mechanical clock in the body of the phone that seems to have affected so many luxury phones recently? Is the fact the phone has a clock on screen not good enough? I mean, come on, it’s guaranteed to make the phone both heavier and bigger, and, to be brutally honest, pull one of these bad boys out in town, and you’re going to look like an ostentatious git.

You really want an clock with hands, get yourself an HTC Magic, with an analogue clock on screen. Such a better phone. Oh, and you won’t have to pay upwards of £331,000 to own it!

Yep, you read that right.


For a phone…

Good job they’re only going to make 9 of ‘em in the entire world, then, really. My advice? Just but a proper phone.

Although if Vertu feel inclined to send me a phone to review, to prove me wrong, then I’ll be happy to let them…


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