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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Eco-friendly mobile phone chargers

Hp ChargersAh, the environment. A hot topic in every walk of life, even mobile phones. We’ve seen some supposed eco-friendly phones, including the Bamboo phone, or as it shall forever been known round here, the baby-panda-phone. Frankly, most of the ideas I’ve seen on making mobile phones ‘greener’ are, to put it bluntly, silly.

How refreshing, then, to see a development that is actually pointful, that I can see the benefits of, and has a much bigger benefit besides ‘saving the planet’ (more on that in a second)…

Basically, the story is, as reported by Engadget Mobile, that the big five mobile manufacturers (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung and LG) have all finally agreed on something. What they’ve agreed on is a dead simple thing, but it has profound implications.

And it’s not actually about mobile phones, but rather, it’s about phone chargers. The logic is very, very simple: if your charger is plugged in, and the phone is either fully charged, or isn’t even attached to the charger, then the charger is still drawing power. And as we all know, using more electricity than you need is one of mankind’s greatest evils, according to eco-terrorists. So, the big five manufacturers have come up with a rating system, so people can know exactly how eco-friendly their mobile phone charger is, ranging from 5 stars (very good, will make trees grow) to 0 stars (runs on baby pandas). So, phone chargers that go into auto-shutdown mode when the phone’s full (a genuinely clever idea, and one I fully support) will get higher scores than ones that don’t for example.

Now, I know I’ve made some (ok, a lot of) sarcastic comments about eco-mentalists in this and, well, more than one other blog post. But here, I reckon, the big five manufacturers have come up with a genuinely good idea, because it doesn’t involve stupidly having to crank a handle on the phone for hours before you can use it (yup, baby-panda-phone again). You still use the normal power outlet, it just stops the charger from drawing power while it’s not actually charging the phone. And quite apart from ’saving the planet’, you know why that’s a good idea?

You will save a great big bag o’ cash.

Ah, I love it when the worlds of ecology and capitalism combine. ‘Tis brilliant. So, if we get eco-chargers as standard from the big name mobile phone makers, we still get to use cool mobile phones like the Sony Ericsson X1, instead of being relegated to baby-panda-phones.

And no matter how much eco-terrorists whinge (and they do, without having a single shred of understanding about how the technology actually works), the power of the future is nuclear fusion (not mini-ones built into mobile phones, but… hmmm, now there’s an idea). Incredibly efficient, massive yield, far, far, far, FAR safer than nuclear fusion, and no nasty nuclear waste. Beats low yield windmills any day…

You’ll soon be able to charge it without feeling guilt! Grab yourself the amazing Sony Ericsson X1 today!

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