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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Mercedes S Class

Mercedes S Class Lorinser and Project Kahn partnership kicks off with a Mercedes S Class tuning program, Project Kahn and Lorinser, two of the best known tuning companies, announced an interesting new partnership, which will result in new tuning programs for several cars. And the first one to get German-English treatment was the Mercedes Benz S Class, with Lorinser providing the body kit and Project Kahn handling the full bespoke leather interior and adding new Kahn RSL 21 inch matte black with red stripes wheels. This ought to be really interesting to watch, a partnership between a German tuner and an English one. If they come up with their best, we might some really cool tuning programs in the future.

Marcus Lorinser said: “We are positive about our cooperation, not least because of the combination of our good image, know-how as well as the long term experience in business of Kahn Design [..] The unique philosophy and life style expressed in the Kahn RSL wheel is truly sensational. This project is without a doubt the perfect blend of British and German styling and it will certainly ensure a great deal of customer satisfaction.” While Afzal Kahn added: “This innovative partnership will ensure Individuals with exquisite taste will find exactly what they are looking for [..] in the coming weeks and months ahead we will be releasing numerous products that live up to my high standards and unique philosophy.”


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