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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Compulab exeda combines

The T-Mobile G1
Compulab exeda combines Google Android & Windows Mobile, is massive :
When the T-Mobile G1 came out, everyone raved about Google Android and quite rightly noted that it’s a game-changer, with Android itself doing things differently to other mobile phones on the market. And on the other side of the coin, when the HTC Touch HD came out, everyone raved about it, and shouting about how powerful Windows Mobile is. Both operating systems do different their own things brilliantly, but when you look at some of the key areas of the two, it’s always been a case of never the twain shall meet.

Just imagine, though, if there was a mobile phone that could both, that could do the whole open source thing and do the whole power user thing. In fact, imagine a phone that’s got both Google Android and Windows Mobile on it, and you’ve got there a spot on description of what the new Compulab exeda is.

Yep, what we have here is a mobile phone that uses both of those two top-end operating systems, making the exeda the phone equivalent of a PC that’ll dual-boot from either Windows or Linux. As it happens, that’s not a bad description since you just have to look at it to see it’s angling to be a handheld-PC-smartphone-type beastie, designed to give you the best of both worlds, depending on the situation.

As ideas go, it’s really rather clever, and although it’s been done in the ol’ PC arena for a while, I’ve never seen any mobile phones that could dual-boot before. Oh, and picking from what are possibly the two most powerful OSes out there has to be a smart move, as well. Add in a touchpad, like you get on laptops, and a proper Ethernet port (and no, I’ve never seen one of those on a mobile phone before) to link the phone into a LAN network, and it’s pretty apparent that this is designed to be the enterprise solution for the world.

As always, though, whenever you see one of these out-of-leftfield mobile phones, there are a few issues. By this point, I’d be surprised if any new, not-big-name phones didn’t have a few issues, but there you go…

First, is the sheer size of the thing. Sure, at 126mm long, it’s not that much bigger than its smartphone rivals like the Touch HD, but it’s also 96mm wide. And that’s just huge. Don’t believe me, here’s a rough comparison shot between the sizes of the HTC Touch HD, the T-Mobile G1 (neither of them what you’d call small phones) and the Compulab exeda:

The T-Mobile G1 News

Big boy, isn’t he. Imagine carrying that round all day with you, you’ll put your back out. Oh, and let’s not forget something else about it.

It’s hideous, too. Like properly ‘poke your own eyes out’ bad.

The other big issue, and you just know this is going to affect its sales, is the name. Compulab. No-one’s ever heard of them. Can anyone actually see it taking no the Nokias and Sony Ericssons of the world.

Although, having said that, didn’t we used to say that about HTC…? More importantly, though, this shows that it is possible to stick both operating systems on one device, and that, my friends, is something you may very well see pop up on mobile phones from the big names in future


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