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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

O2 Mobile Phones

hpynwyr new HPI’m back after my week long holiday in Guatemala (translation: stayed at home, went to the pub on New Year’s Eve), so the blog is back with a vengeance! First up in 2009 is a story that should be familiar to anyone who used their mobile phones to send Happy New Year texts to their mates.

I did. I sent about 93 in one go, and nearly broke Orange.

Well, according to Engadget Mobile, O2 have announced that it’s been a record-breaking new year, with a staggering 166 million text messages sent in a 24 hour period ending at 7.30am on New Year’s Day. Not bad, when you consider that just includes texts sent from O2 mobile phones, and when you factor in other networks, the number’s going to be much, much bigger.

Note, however, that it doesn’t state exactly what those text messages said. I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of people in the country were drinking themselves into happy oblivion, it wouldn’t have been unusual to see people’s mobile phones chirping away, only to deliver texts that said, “hcppy nnew yeeeeeeere. im piqqed.” (Work that one out…)

So, a happy and glorious 2009 to everyone, even though it’s a few days late, because I’ve been on holiday. And to everyone who completely killed Orange’s network when I tried sending my happy new year texts from me new Sony Ericsson X1 (and yes, expect a full review, very soon), don’t all send them at the same time as me next year!


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