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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

iPhone Nano on its way

Well, the rumour’s been going round for a while now, but it’s kicking up once again: according to the Boy Genius Report, there is an outside possibility we might be seeing a new, teeny-tiny version of the iPhone next year. In a not-so-shocking twist (since it’s based on the iPod naming structure), it’s rumoured to be called the iPhone Nano.

But how true are these rumours?

Well, they’ve been knocking about since August, and I’ll be honest, I haven’t reported on them before, because until there was something more concrete, I thought they were about as likely as Liechtenstein founding the first human colony on Mars. Until the new diminutive mobile phone was actually spoke about with some certainty, I would write it off as rubbish.

However, as BGR points out, there’s a new rumour going round, and it’s based on the website of a company called XSKN, who make cases and whatnot for mobile phones. They’ve now got up a product listing for silicon case for the iPhone Nano. Wishful thinking, in case Apple announce one? Well, maybe not, because XSKN have been involved in the history of the iPhone before, specifically with the iPhone 3G. Y’see, before the iPhone 3G was released, a company was promoting a silicon case for the iPhone 3G, which proved to be for the genuine article.

No prizes for guessing that company was, yup, XSKN.

So, they accurately predicted the launch of the iPhone 3G, due to having the physical specs for the mobile phone in their hands, which has to make one wonder whether they know something this time round, as wel.

Needless to say, we’ll be watching this with interest (especially Dan), and if/when Apple pushes the iPhone Nano out into the world of mobile phones, we’ll be there to talk about it, but frankly, if we’re talking about innovative, full-touchscreen, keyboard-less mobile phones, I’d still rather have the Blackberry Storm.

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