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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Samsung Phone Wins Greenpeace Award

Samsung Wins GreenpeaceSamsung phone wins Greenpeace award, baby pandas rejoice.
News from the world of ecology today, as Samsung have had one of their mobile phones awarded the title of greenest phone in the world, the JustAMP blog reports. It seems it was a pretty hard-fought contest, as the phone itself, the Samsung F268 was up against some serious competition, most notably one of the biggest phones of the last few months.

Yup, Sony Ericsson’s megapixel camera phone monster, the C905, was also in the running. However, the honours went to the little Samsung beauty, that does the unthinkable in making a mobile phone that’s specifically designed to be eco-friendly actually be incredibly desirable, too. It’s the first eco-phone (or as I’ll call it, to keep the running joke going, baby panda phone) that actually looks like a phone I’d want to own. You get a decent (albeit not top-end) 2MP camera, music player, and a decent screen that made me go, “Cor, it’s just like a real phone!”

That’s, of course, before you look at the bits Greenpeace did, about how it has a complete absence of BFR and PVC in the construction, and the fact it has an alarm to tell you when it’s finished charging, so you don’t use excess juice. So, the Samsung F268 isn’t a bad mobile phone at all, it looks rather pretty, and you can get nice, warm feeling from doing your bit for this small mudball we call home. In hindsight, then, it’s just a shame that it’s not available in the UK…

But not to fear, because if you want to go all green, Samsung have pledged to make a load more of their mobile phones as eco-friendly as this one. They may not quite have made the Samsung Pixon into the perfect eco-phone, but you can bet that one day, they will, and you can guarantee that any they make will be so, so much nicer than that Bamboo-Baby-Panda-Phone monstrosity


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