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Friday, 6 February 2009

Criminal ‘not-at-all-a-Mastermind’ steals top secret

Criminal ‘not-at-all-a-Mastermind’ steals top secret prototype phones from Sony Ericsson :

Now here’s a story you don’t come across every day, courtesy of the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog. Anybody who keeps their ear to the ground knows that you sometimes see leaks of upcoming mobile phones on the net. Well, a man from Sweden has gone one step further, and taken it upon himself to steal a big, hefty load of prototype phones from Sony Ericsson themselves.

Oh, and when I say a big, hefty load, I mean about £61,000-worth!

Quite apart from wondering how the hell big the guy’s overcoat was to fit all those mobile phones underneath, one has to question the thought process that went through the guy’s head. I suspect that if his brain had gone into second gear when he was planning his little caper, it should have, really, come up with this train of thought:

“I know, I’ll nick a load of phones from Sony Ericsson, and get some of their prototypes, that SE fans will go nuts over, but that none of the other manufacturers will want to buy off me, and that I’ll not be able to fence before the police catch me and Sony Ericsson tear me a new one…”

Yes, genius plan there, Mr Swedish Criminal. There’s no report on what mobile phones were nicked, obviously, since Sony Ericsson’ll keep that very close to their chest, but if they were prototypes, logic dictates they’d be of interest. Also, there’s no report on what the police said when they found the haul, but if it didn’t include the words “whoa, look at that, 12 megapixels!” I’ll be severely disappointed.

Of course, while I can’t condone what the thief did, and think that he’s a complete numpty for even contemplating it, I’d have killed to see what mobile phones were in his haul. Next year’s successor to the Sony Ericsson X1, maybe? Or perhaps the 12MP successor to the Sony Ericsson C905 that you just know they’re going to make? Perhaps even the SE Android phone that’s surely on its way?

Tell you what, I’d have killed to be one of the arresting officers, I’d have got to pepper-spray someone, hit them repeatedly with a nightstick, possibly taser them, and see next year’s mobile phones…


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