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Friday, 6 February 2009

The top five reasons why the Nokia N97 will rock

the Nokia N97 will rockThe top five reasons why the Nokia N97 will rock :
You’ve probably noticed this in the past (and trust me, you’ll continue to notice it in the future), but here at Mobileshop, when we see an upcoming mobile phone that we really like the look of, we want to shout about it to the whole world. Especially me. Seriously, I have co-workers here, who’ve considered gaffer taping my mouth shut.

Well, if you’ve seen this blog recently, you’ll know there’s one phone in particular, due out later in the year, that I reckon looks raaaaather nice. So nice, in fact, that I seem to remember using the phrase ‘the canine’s conkers’ to describe it, since that was the only phrase that seemed to do it justice. It is, of course, the Nokia N97.

It seems I’m not the only one who’s excited about the Nokia N97, due to a post on The Nokia Blog, where the writer lays out very simply why it’ll be brilliant (well, and the 5 things that could make it not be good, but that’s by the by). And you know what? I agree with his main argument, which is very simple (despite the name of the post - ‘5 reason not to buy the Nokia N97′ - and the fact he points out reasons it could fail):

The Nokia N97 is one flagship phone. It’s five flagship mobile phones, all in one. So, if you want the top 5 reasons why the Nokia N97 will rock the kasbah (and it will):

1. Nseries-esque hardware (incredible camera, GPS, super-fast web).
2. It’s the new touchscreen flagship, picking up the baton from the Nokia 5800.
3. It’s taking over as the new Ovi Portal flagship.
4. It’s picking up and going with the N-Gage baton, making it a top-end handheld games console as well…

…and since I want to be different, for my 5th reason…

5. Just look at it. Honestly, if this thing were a car, then to quote a Mr J. Clarkson, it’ll snap knicker-elastic at 50 paces…

One thing I do have to do, though, is refute the list of reasons why you wouldn’t buy it (not just because I’m argumentative… well, ok, a bit because I’m argumentative). Sure, there all valid concerns, about things like whether the battery life on the Nokia N97 is up to the task, whether it will have an iPhone-esque App Store, and whether it’ll let you use one login for all parts of the Ovi and N-Gage portals, without continuously logging in… but I’m going to share my thoughts on it, which I can sum up in one sentence…

No-one will care, they’ll buy it on the name, and the looks, and the hardware/touchscreen.

None of those 5 reasons not to buy the phone will stop people actually buying it, I predict, least of all Nokia fans. And if I’m wrong, well, you can dip me in sulphur and call me Susan…

Oh, and my thanks go to The Nokia Blog for writing such a good blog post, and getting me all inspired in the first place!


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