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Friday, 6 February 2009

Learning Mobile Phone For Kids

Learning Mobile PhoneTime for something a bit different, since it’s Friday, and you’re all, I’m sure, getting ready to let your hair down for the weekend. If you’ve got kids, do you find they tend grab your mobile phone and start mashing random number, before accidentally dialling your mum, the Chinese takeaway place, or the police? Do you need a mobile gadget that’ll keep their hands off your phone?

Well, you’re in luck, because the LeapFrog is making its way over to the UK, according to Pocket Lint. It’s a mobile phone for kids, but before anyone quotes back what I’ve said many times in the past (that kids shouldn’t have, nor do they need, phones), it’s not actually a real phone. Still, it’ll keep ‘em for getting marmite-y fingertips all over your new Nokia 5800, and that’s main thing, really.

So, if it’s not a phone, what is it? As the title suggests, it’s a toy phone. Well, if we’re being honest, it looks like it’s a toy version of a Blackberry, if the designer had eaten too many Sherbet Fountains…

Or possibly Wham Bars…

Internally, though, it’s quite a clever little thing. It appears that the LeapFrog’s got a virtual dog called Scout living inside it, and the kid using it can text message that dog, and learn things (that’s possibly the weirdest sentence I’ve ever typed). So it that not only gets kids used to texting and using a full QWERTY keyboard on a mobile device, but it teaches them… well, alright, granted, I don’t actually know what it teaches them, although I’m guessing I won’t be too far off if I say it might be something like the average episode of Sesame Street. Or, in other words, what it actually is, is this:
Hmmm, the Sony Ericsson Speak & Spell has a certain ring to it. I’d probably stop short of suggesting the Nokia Stretch Armstrong, or the Samsung Big Trak, though…

Still, like I say, it’ll keep their grubby little paws off your mobile phone, and that’s the main thing, right? So, whether you got an HTC Touch HD, or a Nokia 1000, grab the LeapFrog, and your kids’ll never accidentally call the police again!

Plus, added bonus, it’s the size of a small country, so if anybody tries to nick their tuck shop money, they can brain ‘em with it…

Would you buy the LeapFrog for your kids? Or have you gone misty-eyed at the thought of Sherbet Fountains, Wham Bars, Stretch Armstrong and Big Trak? Leave us a comment and have your say!

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