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Monday, 9 February 2009

Obama allowed to keep Blackberry

Blackberry Storm Barack Obama
Obama allowed to keep Blackberry, gets a tank for a work phone :

Not long after Barack Obama won the election to become the 44th US President, there was a whole debate going on about whether he’d be allowed to keep his beloved Blackberry, since it seemed unlikely he’d be able to (no previous President had a mobile phone, due to it being a matter of national security). Well, according to Mobile Crunch, we have our answer. President Obama WILL be keeping his Blackberry!

He just won’t be able to use it for official business, which is fair enough, because it’s no different from me using a Sony Ericsson X1 as MY phone, and having a W950 as my work phone.

Ah, except it’s a slightly different situation to me having two mobile phones. Y’see, the reason Obama has to have a dedicated work phone is for security, so that classified info can’t be hacked, and so that he can’t be tracked with it. So, simply giving him another Blackberry won’t cut the mustard.
Blackberry Storm

That rules out a Blackberry Storm, then.

So, what he’s actually going to be using is the Sectera Edge, a phone that’s more secure than any on the planet, that gives him one touch access to his own secure internet, the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet), and that’s been certified by the NSA. Blimey, that’s even more James Bond-ish than James Bond’s phone! Of course, it’s been not just hit but battered to death by the ugly stick, but given that it’s probably more secure than Guantanamo Bay (which, incidentally, Barack Obama has pledged to shut down), I reckon we can forgive it for looking like a tank. Seriously, take a look at this bad boy…

Actually, there’s a reason it looks like that, and this, right here, is why I really, really want to get me a Sectera Edge. Look at the name above the screen; no Nokia or Sony Ericsson badges here. Nope, this is made by General Dynamics, not a name you’ll be familiar with seeing on mobile phones.

But you see it on other things.

Like the Abrams M1A2 main battle tank, for instance.

Or the Stryker armoured combat vehicle.

Or the GAU-17 Minigun. You know the one. It’s the one that fires upwards of 3,000 rounds a minute. You know, that rotary thing, that Arnie used in Predator and Terminator 2. Oh, and it was in The Matrix, as well.

Now do you see why I want one…?


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