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Monday, 2 February 2009

Palm Pre To Be A Vodafone Exclusive Phone

Vodafone Exclusive PhonePalm Pre to be a Vodafone-exclusive phone in the UK? :
An interesting news story’s popped up on the Mobile Industry Review, today, about the upcoming Palm Pre, that new touchscreen wonder phone that’s all set to single-handedly bring Palm back from the nearly-dead. Allegedly, the Pre is all set to infiltrate the market in exactly the same way as the iPhone, the T-Mobile G1 and the Blackberry Storm (especially the Blackberry Storm… you’ll see why in a minute…) before it.

According to rumours, the Palm Pre is going to be an exclusive on Vodafone, when it’s released, just like the Blackberry Storm was.

Of course, however, that’s not confirmed yet, but when you consider that it seems to be the way the market’s going nowadays, it’d be hardly surprising if it does turn out to be true. And to be honest, it makes sense for both companies involved that the Palm Pre be an exclusive phone. From Palm’s point of view, they get a network partner who’s absolutely dedicated to pushing their phone. From Vodafone’s point of view, they get a phone that a shedload of people want, but can’t get anywhere else.

Oh, and of course, it’s their opportunity to get right the noses of both O2 and T-Mobile, and say, “iPhone? G1? Pah! We’ve got the Blackberry Storm and the Palm Pre! Have some o’ that!”

Tell me you wouldn’t like to see them say it…

So, the final step, and the big question, is whether the Palm Pre, the very definition of a comeback kid, can take on the might of the Nokia N97, which is also on the way, soon, and has that Finnish brand name on it to tempt in more people. Only time will tell…

Will you move across to Vodafone to get your hands on the Palm Pre? Leave us a comment and share your excitement!

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