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Monday, 22 December 2008

Beyond the T-Mobile G1

Beyond the TBeyond the T-Mobile G1 - is the next Android mobile phone the G2.
News from the Boy Genius Report now, about the possible next weapon in Google’s war for mobile phone supremacy. According to rumours, the follow-up to the T-Mobile G1 is going to be… the G2.

Innovative, ground-breaking naming scheme, or what!

Now, like many mobile phones way before they’re officially announced, details are a bit sparse, but what we know, so far, is that the G2, like the T-Mobile G1, will be powered by Google Android, and it’ll have a big ol’ touchscreen. As for the newest rumours, they spell out that the G2 will chuck the QWERTY keyboard to go for a full touchscreen device, in the vein of the HTC Touch HD, which isn’t a bad thing, considering how brilliantly that phone turned out.

Also, the source has stated that, unlike the T-Mobile G1, the G2 will also become available on other networks, although without the name G2, since T-Mobile have got the copyright on that name. And G3. And G4. And probably the letter G, since they trademarked the colour magenta. So, gawd knows what it’ll be called on other networks, but ten million billion quid says if it turns up on O2 it’ll be the XDA-something.

So, it’s sounding like the G2 is going to be much more akin to the iPhone, with a keyboard-less design, sleek body and loads of extra software downloads. And presumably a bespoke virtual keyboard, since there isn’t one built into Android, and, I would argue, mobile phones without any means of entering data are a bit pointless.

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