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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Nokia 8800 Gold Arte

Nokia 8800 GoldAnother day, another luxury mobile phone, that can’t compete, features-wise, with its cheaper siblings! Today it’s the turn of… well, another version of the Nokia 8800 Arte, if I’m honest. Yep, today, thanks to Engadget Mobile, we get our first look at the Nokia 8800 Gold Arte.

Which is categorised and made special by being an 8800 Arte.
That’s gold.

Ok, to be fair to it, the 8800 Arte actually does have a reasonably decent spec, coming with a gorgeous 16 million colour screen, a really sharp 3 megapixel camera, and that cool thing where you can just turn your phone over to face down, to stop it ringing. And although it’s one of the most ostentatious mobile phones ever made, I have a bit of a soft spot for the 8800 Arte.

Despite the fact the Nokia 5800, which’ll cost a lot less on release (I’d bet my knicker drawer on it), can out-think it a thousand times over, that is…

However… I have no such soft spot for all the 8800 Arte’s silly siblings, whether they be Sapphire, Carbon, Gold, Diamond, Goose-feathers, Latex, Magma or Adamantium, so expect no such mercy on the Gold Arte. Quite apart from the fact it WILL cost more than my car did, just look at it. Covered in gold and sandwiched between hunks of white leather, front and back, if you use this particular mobile phone, there is no possible physical way you won’t look like a footballer’s wife.

Even if you’re a man…

So, in conclusion, if you really want a luxury mobile phone, get the standard Nokia 8800 Arte, a phone that doesn’t make you look like a badly false-tanned WAG.

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