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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Where We Use Mobile Phones

Where We Use Mobile53% of Americans use their mobile phones on the lavvy, According to a report on Engadget Mobile, a survey conducted by Nokia, about how working Americans use their mobile phones, has thrown up some interesting titbits of information.

Apparently, 53% of working Americans have taken calls or done emails while on the toilet.

As unsavoury as that is, it gets worse. Some 23% admitted to answering their mobile phones whilst on a date, and a further 24% owned up to having answered calls or taken an email, during the bit after the date, where they’d gone back to one of their houses and were ‘having a coffee’. Oh, come on, surely I don’t have to spell that one out…

The fact that 59% of those surveyed said that they never switch their mobile phones off, ever, ever, ever, could go some way to explaining why those statistics have come about, but… I can’t help but thinking that if I was out with a beautiful lady, or in with a beautiful lady after going out with her (aww yeah, you know what I’m saying, huh, huh, huh?), the last thing I’d care about would be getting an email saying Ned in accounts had finished his TPS report…

The survey does highlight people’s attitudes to work, and stresses that people need to find balance between their working lives, and their personal lives, to be healthy, happy and de-stressed. Presumably that means being your own person outside of work and not sitting staring at your mobile phone, going, “Ooh, it’s going to go off in a minute, I know it will.” Mind you, that’s an attitude I find really rather alien. I’ve got two mobile phones, work and personal, and when I leave the office, my work mobile phone goes off. That’s my advice: have two mobile phones, and only give your work one of the numbers. Easy way to keep your personal life separate, that!

So, what are we to learn from the Nokia survey? First, 24% of the people surveyed obviously value mobile phones more than rumpo, and should know better. Second, 23% haven’t realised that if you’re nattering away to someone else on your mobile phone, while you’re on a date, the other party will rightfully get bored and annoyed, and would be justified in jabbing you in the eye with a breadstick.

And finally, if you ring one of the 53% and hear them straining and going, ‘Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh,’ it’s probably best not to ask why…

(Incidentally, if anyone feels like telling us the weirdest place you’ve had a phone conversation, leave us a comment, and let’s see who is the weirdest!)

Want to keep your personal life free of work-related issues? Grab a second handset, and you can keep your work and private lives as separate as you keep your two mobile phones!

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